German project partners met in Potsdam


CapTain Rain project meeting and WaX-Seminar

On the 19th and 20th of September 2023, the German project partners met at PIK to present and discuss the latest results of the different work packages as well as the next steps of the integrated vulnerability assessment and scenario modelling. The project team discussed possible climate and land use scenarios that will be combined with flash flood protection measures. The results of the joint meeting form the basis for further research in the working packages as well as the starting point for the preparation of the next stakeholder workshop. The workshop is scheduled for the end of this year and will be held on-site in Jordan.

Members of the CapTain Rain team also participated in the WaX-Seminar, which took place on the 20th and 21st of September in Potsdam as well. ‘WaX – Hydrological extreme events’ is another funding measure within the BMBF strategy “Research for Sustainability (FONA)”. As WaX aims to investigate possible adaptation measures and improved management strategies to diminish the consequences of droughts, heavy rainfall and floods, it was very interesting to get an insight into the research activities of the different projects, to discuss possible approaches and synergies among projects. For more information about WaX you may also refer to

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