German project partners met in Aachen


Last internal meeting of the CapTain Rain project

On the 11th and 12th of April 2024, the German project partners met at the head office of KISTERS AG in Aachen to present and discuss the latest results of the different work packages. The final project results were discussed in groups and ideas were collected for their presentation at the final event and for the handover to the Jordanian partners. One of CapTain Rain's main concerns is to ensure that the products and results are sustainable and aligned with the interests of the stakeholders. To successfully finish the project the team will now focus on the integrated vulnerability assessment. The final event and celebration of the CapTain Rain project will then take place on Sunday, 30.06.2024 in Amman. A smaller event is also envisaged for Tuesday, 02.07.2024 in Wadi Musa.

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