Climate Services & Knowledge Transfer

Teaser text/Brief description: WP 6

WP 6 "Climate Services & Knowledge Transfer" focuses on providing recommendation for climate services (e.g. early warning systems) for climate and flash flood-related decision making as well as the communication of risks and impacts of flash floods.


Sub-work packages:

Recommendations for early warning systems and demonstrator

This sub-work package analyses the weaknesses and strengths of existing early warning systems (EWS) including their underlying data sources, methodology and dissemination tools, and develops recommendations for an EWS adapted to the needs of the users. The user-friendliness of the existing early warning system in Petra is assessed and evaluated through expert interviews and focus group discussions with local stakeholders (What information should be included? What media channels should be used? Do warnings reach all people at risk? Are the risks and warnings understood? Are the warnings clear and usable?), in order to be able to work out recommendations for the development of early warning apps for the population. This will form the basis for the design and implementation of an appropriate service as a demonstrator.

Knowledge transfer into practice

The transfer of scientific results and climate services into practice is conducted by means of target group-oriented dissemination strategies. Comprehensibility and user-friendliness form the basis for well-prepared results, which are needed by the individual actors and decision-makers to facilitate decision-making processes and to be able to initiate climate-relevant changes. Capacity development is carried out at different levels with formats specifically tailored to stakeholders and supports the training of local decision-makers and users in scientific and technical competencies to use the climate services established in CapTain Rain (e.g. EWS and risk maps).