Coordination & Communication

WP 1 "Coordination & Communication" encompasses the central project management including the scientific-technical coordination, the internal and external communication as well as the transdisciplinary integration.


Sub-work packages:

Stakeholder dialogue and transdisciplinary integration

This sub-work package serves as an interface for external communication between science and society. As such, it includes a stakeholder analysis at the beginning of the project complemented by expert interviews in Jordan. Based on this, a communication plan for the participation process is drawn up following the guiding question concept, which serves as the basis for selecting the formats and design of the stakeholder dialogues. The stakeholder dialogue aims to anchor and take into account opinions, relevant practical knowledge and experience, and needs of societal (practical) actors in the project. The communitarization of knowledge and the active involvement in the findings and techniques for the prediction and prevention of flash flood risks takes place via annually coordinated stakeholder workshops. This will lay the foundation for the transfer of knowledge into practice in WP 6 and enables the early dissemination of the project results.

Scientific and internal project coordination

This sub-work package coordinates the project activities of the consortium and is responsible for the scientific and internal communication in order to coordinate the different research activities during the project duration in a way that ensures the development of methods and tools (e.g. integrated vulnerability and scenario analysis).